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The Importance Of Supporting Local Businesses and Adventures

Posted by Rick Kreuter on

We created Beyond The Hunt with a few goals in mind. We wanted to create a lifestyle based hunting show that anyone would watch. Whether you are a master hunter - or still gathering research on your very first tag, Beyond The Hunt should be the show you want to watch.  We have had the honor of traveling with our incredible team and having the time of our lives doing this for almost fourteen full seasons.

Before we even started the show we set out with the mindset to never let the show change who we are. No matter what any network, sponsor or other outside influence said. If it doesn’t feel right to us. We don’t do it. It’s that simple. This is just one of the guidelines we set for the show. We did this for ourselves, and for Beyond The Hunt. We wanted to make sure we stayed true to ourselves and ensure that the people you saw on Beyond The Hunt were the same people when the cameras stopped rolling, because that’s what you deserve. These rules and teachings that we instilled from our every-day lives is what built Beyond The Hunt into the product that it is today.  Not only did we share some of our more personal memories, but we also got to share some really incredible moments in the process, we found ourselves learning more about who we are every day.

Our first guideline we want to express is the importance of supporting local businesses, local opportunities and being a part of your local wildlife conservation efforts.

The nature of the show has always kept us on a pretty hectic traveling schedule while we are filming - while we search for new and exciting hunts. But we always try and find adventure close to home - and you should too.

Supporting local business will always be at the core of the Beyond The Hunt set of ideals. Every time we take a trip - we always have Nebraska in the back of our minds. We try and use each trip as a learning experience and see what we can bring back with us. Did we learn a new practice for helping wildlife flourish in the area while out in Alaska? Did we tell someone in Utah about a flourishing local business from back home? We always carry our home with us in our hearts, no matter where we are.

Supporting all our favorite local businesses isn’t just good for the business owner  - it’s good for your community as a whole. Having a long list of stores and restaurants to choose from will give your town a kind of character that is unmatchable. A laundry list of one-of-a-kind establishments is  beautiful thing to see in action - but it’s up to you to make sure that these small businesses exist. Sharing your earnings within the local economy ensures that these funds continue to recycle within themselves.

As you and your community continue to support these incredible, vibrant businesses that surround you every day, you will begin to see more businesses sprout - and they will all be unique in one way or another. The only thing standing in between yourself and huge name big-box stores at every corner is us. Will you help us?