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We're Rick & Julie and we've been sharing our outdoor adventures and conservation projects with folks since 1996!
Rick was raised in the Black Hills of Wyoming and I was raised on our family cattle ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Rick played every sport he could and loved working on his favorite vehicles, but that said, he never missed a good day to hunt or fish.
I, on the other hand, never missed a day being horseback working cattle, or flying in the super cub with my Dad.
Rick & I met in the early 90's, while working at the same physical therapy clinic in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Shortly thereafter, Rick became licensed as a professional outfitter and started guiding hunts when time allowed. As the business grew, we both left our careers in physical therapy and focused on RK Outfitters. We were excited to work outdoors and finally our small startup was starting to get some traction. As we grew, we soon hosted hunters from all over the country in addition to some of the biggest brands in the outdoor industry.
Our goal was to keep our camps small, hunt hard and focus on the experience.
In 2005, we had the opportunity to film for the television series DreamSeason on Outdoor Channel. It took us back to our days of dating and hunting together and it sparked a new fire!
A year later, we launched Beyond The Hunt on GAC (Great American Country) and then moved to Outdoor Channel where we are currently producing Season 15! Our goal hasn't changed much... keep our camp small and focus on the experience. We want to put you in our back pocket and take you along on the hunt with us. If it all works out, maybe you'll see what we see and feel what we feel!
Adventures are best shared and in doing so, we hope to build a community.
A community that loves the outdoors and all things BEYOND THE HUNT!
So grab your favorite fur babies and let's stoke up the campfire!
Here's to old friends, new adventures and hunting stories that will hopefully last a LIFETIME!
Our best,
Rick & Julie & Haggard!